Grass Seed


Forever Green: A blend of bluegrass, ryegrass, and barcampsia tufted hair grass. For areas you want to fill in quickly. Used on soccer fields and golf courses.

Match & Patch: The best lawn patching mix you’ll find! It blends perfectly into your existing bluegrass lawn.

Colorado’s Own: Perfect for over-seeding thin lawns and patching. Germinates quickly!

Rocky’s Ballpark: Stands up to heavy foot traffic and blends in with existing lawns. It contains ryegrass seed so it will germinate quickly.

Water-Less Turf Blend: This all fescue mix is designed for parkways and areas that are left unattended once germinated and established. It’s also great for areas that are hard to reach with hoses.

Shade & Shadow: Designed to fill in under and around trees, areas shaded by the house and other shady yard spots. It can also withstand sun to help with light combination problems.

Buffalo Grass: Will take time to germinate but stays low to the ground, is drought tolerant, and hardy for our area.

No-Mow: This drought tolerant seed is a variety of Deschampsia Caespitosa. It’s naturally bug and grub proof!! It’s designed to be a turf-grass and requires less that 1/2 inch of water per week, once it’s established. The best part? DON’T mow it! It has a short growth habit. Mowing will actually stimulate it to grow. Could you imagine a summer without mowing?

Hercules Turf Blend: A blend of Armadillo Hybrid Bluegrass, Tufted Hairgrass, Kokomo perennial ryegrass, and Prairie Junegrass. It requires less water, has a dwarf growth habit, is very dense, and stands up to heavy traffic. It’s a perfect low-maintenance turf blend!

Spencer’s carries a complete line of grass seed mixtures to ensure that you have a thick, healthy, beautiful lawn. We carry drought tolerant varieties, low maintenance, and mixes for lawn patching.