Spencer’s Products


Here at Spencer’s we have an incredibly diverse range of lawn and garden products with an extensive knowledge of our unique Colorado Springs climate in mind. If you want decoration, you’ve got it! We have fountains, birdbaths, and statuary to give your garden a special touch. For the kids, young and old, we’ve got a candy basement sure to please everyone. Lose yourself in our forest of nursery stock from the most reputable suppliers. Whether your garden is a window box or an acre, Spencer’s has what you need to make it beautiful and successful.

Products that work hard to save you time and money!

Let these products work harder than you in your lawn and garden so you can kick back and enjoy the results!

Fertilome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench

This is an essential product if you have trees or shrubs. Simply measure the circumference of the tree trunk or height of the shrub, add the recommended amount into a gallon of water, and pour into the soil around the trunk. Because this is a systemic insecticide, your trees and shrubs will be protected from insect damage and infestations for a full 12 months. It sure beats the hassle of spraying or paying a company when damage is already done. An ounce of prevention is worth gallons of cure!

Fertilome Root Stimulator

Root Stimulator is a plant starter solution with vitamin B-1 that helps reduce transplant shock in newly planted annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. It promotes greener, more vigorous plants by encouraging early root development and strong root formation. By mixing just 3 1/2 tablespoons per gallon of water every time you water for the first two weeks, your plant investment will take hold and reward you with a bounty of growth.

Soil Activator

All types of plants and lawns will benefit from twice-yearly applications of Soil Activator by Natural Guard in addition to your seasonal fertilization. Using all natural ingredients, Soil Activator makes nutrients that might be bound up in your soil chemically available to your plants, giving you more bang for your buck out
of your fertilizer. It helps to break down the thatch layer in lawns, introducing even more nutrients and preventing disease from forming. It even improves the growth of beneficial microorganisms, the probiotics of soil.

Fertilome Lawn Care Program

Consisting of four easy applications, Fertilome makes fertilizing and protecting your lawn a breeze! We’ll even date the bags so you know what should be applied when. Need a fertilizer spreader? Check one out from us for 24 hours!

Weed Free Zone

If you have weeds growing in your lawn and you’d like them gone in hurry, Weed Free Zone is for you! In one application, weeds
in your lawn and in paved or rock areas can be gone! It works in temperatures as low as 50 degrees so the early risers in the spring can be sprayed.

Fiskars Pruners

Convenient to carry, always sharp and easy to grasp, Fiskars pruning shears are magic for garden trimming projects.

Hose End Sprayer

No more mixing! Simply attach this sprayer to a bottle of the product you’d like to use, set the dial to the recommended number, connect your hose, and turn the water on. With a squeeze of the trigger, the proper amount of chemical is instantly mixed with water and applied exactly where you aim! Remove the bottle, squeeze again, and the sprayer is clean. How easy!

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